milehimodern: the coolest homes in denver

Montclair is one of Denver's most Charming Urban Neighborhoods, tucked in between Park Hill and Lowry!

Boulevard Streets and Architecturally Interesting Houses Create a Diverse Neighborhood Rich in History and Style! From Turn-of-the-Century Mansions, 30's and 40's Art Deco's, Mid-Century Mod Marvels and New Architect Custom Built, Montclair is a MUST Walking Scenic Neighborhood!

Montclair is Home to the Prestigious International School for Children. The International School also Hosts the Annual International Bash Spring Festival where you can Travel the World in One Day! Montclair has a Rec Center and a Central Park for Festivities and Socializing!

And now for a Quick Historic Fun Fact---The Pilot of the "Red Baron" in WW1 and Montclair have a lot in Common. Baron Manfred Von Richthofen Established the Montclair Neighborhood in the late 1800's and was the Uncle of the "Red Baron's" Pilot! The Richthofen Castle is still Standing in Montclair and is one of the City's Best Historic Homes. The Richthofen Castle was Modeled after the Famous Richthofen Castle in Germany.

Montclair is Close to Cherry Creek and Shopping and a Short Commute to DIA and Downtown.