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Unrelenting beauty takes the form of a lucrative business opportunity in Palisade. Set against a backdrop of beautiful western landscape, the retail store and tasting room boasts a stunning network of wood beams and track lighting. Earthy tiled floors, a stone fireplace and sky-high ceilings blur the line between a divine interior space and the gorgeous views that surround this property.

Outdoor seating beckons visitors to indulge in both premier wines and Colorado sunshine. An adjacent winemaking and barreling facility offers a pristine area for bottling and aging with state-of-the-art equipment and temperature control. Situated in Colorado’s premier winery country, Plum Creek Winery offers a rare opportunity to invest in an established business within world-renowned agricultural destination.


  • Plum Creek Winery — Established in 1984
  • Holds The Oldest Winery License in Colorado
  • Winner of Gold + Double Gold Medals Regionally, Nationally + Internationally for 30+ Years
  • 100% In-House Production Utilizing Colorado-Grown Grapes
  • State-of-the-Art Winemaking
  • Expansive Barrel Facility
  • High-Standard Wines


Established in 1984, Plum Creek Winery pioneered the process of winemaking using only Colorado-grown grapes and holds the oldest winery license in the state. With a wide variety of wines that have been meticulously crafted in-house using locally-sourced grapes, the list of Plum Creek accolades spans over 30 years — including Wine of the Year by Denver Post.

  • Oldest Winery License in Colorado
  • Meticulous Winemaking Process Using Only Colorado-Grown Grapes
  • Multiple Award-Winning Wines


Although the primary function of this property is the production of award-winning wines, Plum Creek Winery is a destination in and of itself. Situated within an enclave of wineries against a backdrop of wild western landscape, the exterior of this facility mimics a sun-drenched Mediterranean vision. Cascades of blooms sway from wooden pergolas, offering shade for patrons seated outdoors. Natural stone accents adorn the edges of this facility, while towering Aspens and metal sculptures create a frame for artful vignettes.

  • Sun-Drenched Exterior
  • Mediterranean-Style Architecture
  • Wooden Pergola + Mature Greenery
  • Aspen Trees + metal Sculptures


A wide expanse of arched windows imbues the interior space with torrents of natural light. Exposed beams create dimension within the angled ceiling, drawing the eye upward to its soaring heights. Natural stone surrounds a fireplace for added warmth while earthy tile runs underfoot. Stylish track lighting creates a distinct ambiance for patrons, promoting a sense of comfort and relaxation.

  • Expansive Tasting Room + Retail Facility
  • Earthy Finishes Including Tile + Natural Stone
  • Impressive Woodwork
  • Sky-High Ceilings + Arched Windows
  • Stylish Track Lighting


State-of-the-art manufacturing and bottling equipment lines the interior of a vast barrel facility just steps away from the tasting room. Concrete floors and a series of drainage channels make light work of spills, ensuring that this space stays pristine for both safety purposes and guided tours. Advanced temperature control throughout the facility ensures that every vintage will retain quality despite the outer climate.

  • Onsite Barrel Facility
  • Advanced Manufacturing Equipment + Temperature Control
  • Easy-to-Clean Concrete Floors w/ Drainage Channels
  • Ideal for Both Manufacturing + Guided Tours


Home to the state’s most distinct wineries and agricultural destinations, Palisade is a prime destination for tourists that seek a taste of Colorado sunshine. With an impressive list of both wineries and outdoor adventure destinations — including hiking, biking and fishing — this area is a scenic haven everyone can enjoy.

Style: Multi-Unit / Winery

Bedrooms: 0

Bathrooms: 2

Square Feet Above: 14,232

Lot: 217,800

Parking: 12 Parking Space

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