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Brandon Davis

motivated. easygoing. passionate.

Brandon Davis, a staple of Boulder’s Goodacre Group legacy, has been helping clients achieve their real estate goals since 2003. At the time, Brandon served as the Goodacre Group’s go-to handyman responsible for elevating listings to achieve maximum value. Now, Brandon applies the same methodology to his approach as a broker. By understanding homes inside and out, Brandon is equipped with the tools to command top dollar for every home sold.

Distinct attention to detail merges with Brandon’s problem-solving mentality in every facet of his work — whether he is identifying valuable opportunities and investments for his clients or consulting on home renovations and construction. To Brandon, every home has the chance to be remarkable, and he understands exactly how to make it so. In addition to being mentored by Boulder real estate magnates, Tim and Bill Goodacre, Brandon’s approach of honestly, approachability and communication make him an incredible resource to his clients.

As a member of the Goodacre Group’s legacy, Brandon offers his clients a resourceful, seamless pathway to home ownership and selling. Whether assisting retirees with a clear vision or guiding first-time buyers through the intricacies of the transaction, Brandon is motivated to help others achieve their dreams.

Professional Proficiencies

  • Home Renovation + Building
  • In-Depth Problem Solving
  • High-Level Communication

Brandon’s free days are spent on the slopes; an atmosphere he has known since he started skiing at six years old. His love for high-velocity sports carries over to the water, as Brandon is a self-proclaimed “lake person.” When he’s not chasing adrenaline, Brandon enjoys relaxing with his wife and daughter.

Brandon’s Home Staples

  • Nice Garage
  • Huge Television
  • Entertaining Space for Friends + Family

n: 720-771-6528

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