Brandon Donahue

ambitious. inquisitive. analytica.

With a master’s degree in accounting and a distinguished career in finance to follow, Brandon Donahue combines his financial acumen with his breezy demeanor to teach clients the complexities of finance and analytics in a simpler way. Understanding the nuances of numbers as they relate to real estate, Brandon demonstrates his aptitude by bridging the gap between clients and the investment of their dreams.

Brandon’s passion for real estate stems from his craft of flipping and renovating homes in the Cherry Creek and Hilltop neighborhoods. Brandon’s mother, an experienced designer, brought him into the home renovation business to fill the roles of realtor, accountant and project manager — and to guide the company towards profitable investments. This experience has equipped Brandon with an esteemed attention to detail and the intricate knowledge of investing in the Denver and Boulder area. With these insights, Brandon aims to get his clients comfortable with their lifetime investment — and, ultimately, the opportunity to create generational wealth.

Brandon finds genuine enjoyment in guiding clients through the details of the homebuying process. His method feels conversational and easy-going, illustrating a personable approach while still providing the comprehensive financial intelligence necessary to uncover his clients’ dream homes.

Professional Proficiencies

  • In-Depth Knowledge of Finance + Investments
  • Highly Detailed, Yet Approachable
  • Aptitude For Remodels + Renovations For Higher Sell Value

Brandon keeps his mind centered by staying active and reading about the many ways he can make a positive impact in the world.

Personal Passions

  • Staying Active — Snowboarding, MMA + Exercising Daily
  • Seeking Inspiration Through Books, Podcasts + People
  • Real Estate Investments

Contact Brandon

m: 972-567-7172

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