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Kelley Sudderth

collaborative. communicative. community-driven.

Moving to Denver to attend the University of Denver was the best decision Kelley ever made. Kelley graduated with a double major in Real Estate and Marketing, as she has always envisioned herself working in the housing industry. However, upon graduating, she spent four years running a youth lacrosse club for K-8th grade boys and girls. In this director role, she honed her organization and communication skills—expertise that have transferred to her successful real estate career.  

Kelley takes pride in treating clients like family and making new connections in her vast network. With a love for people and a lifelong love for real estate, Kelley helps others fall in love with Denver and works tirelessly to help clients find a home—no matter the scenario, size or price. She has clients on all ends of the spectrum.

Kelley believes in helping her sphere find a home, not just a house, to live in, love and grow into. Through patience, sincerity and responsiveness, Kelley helps make home buying and selling a more straightforward, less stressful decision.

Professional Proficiencies

  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Expertise in Communication
  • Wide-Range of Clients

In her free time, Kelley loves nothing more than spending time with her growing family, comprised of her loving husband, Jim, and son Charlie. As a family, they often spend time outside at the park on the swing or enjoy taking a stroll around the neighborhood. Sometimes Charlie accompanies Kelley during showings and inspections, as he is an observant and curious little guy who is already learning the ropes of real estate.  

Hiking, biking, skiing and fly fishing are some of Kelley’s favorite outdoor activities in Colorado. When she isn’t exploring mountain life, Kelley stays active by playing on adult soccer and tennis leagues.

Personal Passions

  • Exploring the City
  • Hosting Parties w/ Family + Friends
  • Hiking, Biking, Skiing + Fly Fishing

Contact Kelley

m: 720-469-1068

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