Shelby Crisman

ambitious. passionate. tenacious.

Shelby Crisman balances her customer-focused persistence with her bright and engaging personality for a client approach that results in long-lasting relationships. With experience in vacation rentals, co-living spaces and investment properties — all through her design-minded lens — Shelby’s passion for helping people manifests in building robust real estate portfolios for her clients.

Shelby takes pride in creating an elevated experience at every price point. By offering an educational and intuitive approach for her clients, Shelby digs deep to understand her clients’ wants, needs and everything in between. Having generated over $7.6M in sales her first year in the industry, it’s easy to see that Shelby’s process results in high values for her sellers and dream homes for her buyers.

This educational approach is what keeps Shelby’s buyers and sellers informed throughout the process. By getting to know her client base on a personal level, Shelby is not only able to better identify sound investment opportunities, but she is also remembered as a close friend long after the transaction has closed.

Professional Proficiencies

  • First-Time Homebuyers + Investors
  • Short-Term + Vacation Rentals
  • Education + Thorough Client Communication

Shelby is a traveler at heart, valuing the moments she can get away and connect with new experiences, people and cuisines. Although the adventurer has visited forty countries, Shelby also loves her home state where she can ski and experience live music.

Shelby’s Home Staples

  • House Plants
  • Bouclé Chair
  • Great Linens

n: 860.305.4242