our associates

We are scholars of real estate.
We are connoisseurs of design.
We are experts in architecture.

At milehimodern, we do not price homes. We find the value. Our associates are experts in assessing each home based on criteria that lend to distinction. We are curators of real estate, finding the unique brushstrokes of every home. 

aaron linkow

personable. humorous. thoughtful. Aaron Linkow has a history of success....

aiko abbott

virtuous. interpersonal. genuine.

alison zuckert

intelligent. witty. ambitious. A powerful background in business and a...

amy anderson

collaborative. attentive. resourceful. As a Colorado resident for nearly three...

amy lynn hopp

distinct. focused. driven.

amy shonstrom

smart. experienced. respected

andrea bourque

patient. empathetic. trustworthy. Andrea Bourque’s warm and genuine demeanor shines...

ann spoor

passion. service. impact.

anne wells

genuine. honest. lively. Anne Wells is dedicated — to Boulder,...

annie strada

genuine. determined. approachable. Annie Strada radiates positive energy. A dynamic...

antoinette wharton

empathy. charisma. spirited.

anya roper

ambitious. compassionate. loyal A strong background in finance and wealth...

ash sabados

supportive. driven. analytical.

ashley jennings

loyal. communicative. resilient A passion for helping others and the...

ashley ruh

passionate. intuitive. creative. Intertwining a passion for architecture with a...

ashton white

diversified. adaptable. dedicated. A natural entrepreneur and committed early riser,...

audrey hoholik

cool. calm. collected.

austin schmidt

kindhearted. persistent. personable. Equipped with over 10 years of experience,...

barbara henderson

personable. eclectic. energetic. Barbara Henderson, a Denver resident since 1970,...

ben clark

trusted. experienced. collaborative.

ben roth

caring. kind. hardworking. Born, raised and thriving in Colorado, Ben...

bert gillette

invested. tenacious. interpersonal.

betsy folsom

sincere. dedicated. understanding. The paths towards real estate are ever-winding...

bill goodacre

passionate. loyal. hardworking. Bill Goodacre, the Founder of Goodacre &...

bob brown

charismatic. trustworthy. experienced. Owner of RC Brown Construction, Bob combines...

brandon davis

motivated. easygoing. passionate. Brandon Davis, a staple of Boulder’s Goodacre...

brandon donahue

ambitious. inquisitive. analytical. With a master’s degree in accounting and...

brooke bandemer

ambitious. trustworthy. kindhearted. With a background steeped heavily in financial...

caitlin clough

empathy. communication. grace.

carla thompson

intellectual. strategic. wise.

carmelo paglialunga

respected. invested. passionate.

casey shea

efficient. passionate. tenacious.

christian mulhern

ambitious. dependable. sincere.

christine nottoli

creative. resilient. positive. Christine Nottoli combines over a decade of...

clark thomas

insightful. attentive. uplifting. Clark Thomas elevates the real estate experience....

colin dart

loyal. genuine. industrious.

colleen covell, j.d.

tenacious. positive. knowledgeable.  Prior to her career in real estate,...

corinna bandemer

ethical. trustworthy. kind. Known by her clients for her exceptional,...

corrie lee

integrity. trust. passion.

courtney ranson

passionate. energetic. loyal.

courtney rosenthal

honest. patient. hardworking. A savvy communicator and an expert in...

dani langfield

versatile. service-oriented. trustworthy. Experienced in nearly every facet of real...

dara west

engaging. strategic. authentic.  After attending college in Boulder, Dara West...

David Bell

david bell

energetic. caring. knowledgable.

deanna locke

inventive. streetwise. effervescent.

debby caplin

loyal. enthusiastic. passionate. Debby Caplin shines with expansive knowledge of...

deborah syke

diligent. committed. passionate.

elissa sungar

genuine. determined. intuitive. When Elissa Sungar envisioned her dream home,...

elizabeth anderson-stein

determined. savvy. communicative.  Elizabeth Anderson-Stein owns a winning mindset. Armed...

francie martinez

joyful. passionate. agile. Francie Martinez brings over 15 years of...

georgia haskell

trustworthy. inviting. driven. Nebraska Native and CU Boulder graduate Georgia...

gloria shea

compassionate. intelligent. resourceful. Gloria Shea brings together a trustworthy demeanor...

grace sullivan

empathetic. intelligent. driven. As one half of a dynamic father-daughter...

gretchen heine

accountable. empathetic. personable. Gretchen Heine has been flexing her real...

heather harrington

competitive. fun. loyal. Heather Harrington’s approach to real estate exists...

heidi cox

expertise. passion. trust.

helen hirschberg

strategic. savvy. persistent.

jack urbano

knowledgable. analytical. service-oriented.

jake de la torre

attentive. reliable. radiant. Jake de la Torre’s prior experience as...

jeff jones

composed. competitive. analytical. Colorado born, grown and raised, Jeff Jones...

jen markus

creative. savvy. genuine. A lifelong resident of Boulder, Jen Markus’...

jennifer egbert

modern. bold. influencer.

jennifer fly

professional. enthusiastic. dedicated.  Leading with warmth and wisdom, Jennifer Fly...

jennifer johnson

adaptable. competitive. direct.

jennifer young

personable. empathetic. joyful. A force in the real estate industry...

jill mazer

energetic. driven. knowledgeable.

jill muller

passionate. tenacious. accomplished. gallery just before starting her own art...

jodi pounds

warm. smart compassionate.

john mcelveen

accomplished. knowledgeable. authentic. An expert in the nuances of his...

john zuckert

honorable. personal. diligent. Although a 30-year career in the business...

johnnie mallott

driven. compassionate. relatable. Johnnie is passionate about setting extremely high...

jon bastone

passionate. driven. honest. Excited by all facets of the industry,...

jordan peterson

caring. compassionate. hardworking.  Growing up in the service industry, Jordan...

joy wardroup

experienced. authentic. relational.

julia arnett

persistent. reliable. attentive. Julia Arnett demonstrates a fascinating dichotomy of...

kaila liguzinski

loyal. hardworking. calculated.

karen mallott

genuine. compassionate. optimistic. With a love of learning, serving and...

karen nichols

heart. trust. expertise.

kari turk

patient. reliable. determined. Kari Turk celebrates her Colorado lifestyle every...

katie bozard

passionate. reliable. honest

katie knop

detailed. responsive. driven. Katie Knop combines her status as a...

katie mild

purposeful. thoughtful. resilient. As milehimodern’s Business Coach, Katie Mild has...

katrina nguyen

witty. magnetic. compassionate. Katrina Nguyen’s passion is people. A Denver...

kelley sudderth

collaborative. communicative. community-driven.

kelli stewart

genuine. charismatic. integrity.

kelly mcdonald

creative. passionate. engaging.

kelly reed

tactical. witty. cultivated

kendall boyd

approachable. focused. motivated.

kerem szczebak

tactical. witty. cultivated

kim pollock

positive. persistent. passionate. An entrepreneurial spirit defines Kim Pollock’s approach...

kim thompson

proactive. hardworking. detail-oriented. Earning close to one billion in sales...

kristin harris

effective. forthright. poised.

lauren greene

forthright. insightful. congenial. Fourth-generation Denver native Lauren Greene brings a...

lauren thomson

consultative. informed. client-focused. After falling in love with Colorado during...

león ramirez

driven. compassionate. selfless. Seeing the real estate industry through a...

lisa cook

empathy. communication. grace.

lorine grosso

empathetic. attentive. trustworthy. Lorine Grosso effortlessly combines real estate and...

luke short

gregarious. ambitious. loyal.  A creative spirit and old soul, Luke...

lynn saul

thoughtful. responsive. organized. A Boulder County specialist with over two...

mandy nadler

authentic. trusted. professional. Mandy Nadler is no stranger to luxury...

mark spoor

committed. focused. inspired. Native to Denver and equipped with an...

mary anschutz

agile. tenacious. sincere. Combine a solid corporate background with a...

matt tomlan

effective. forthright. poised.

meagan siebert

patient. caring. hardworking. As a Denver native and former high...

megan coffey

magnetic. authentic. relatable. Blending a customer-centric background in hospitality and...

megan harper

approachable. focused. motivated.

michael hughes

compassionate. professional. experienced. Michael Hughes’ aspiration to elevate shows in...

morgan hoholik

thoughtful. detail oriented. reliable.

myra skinner

energetic. team-oriented. determined. Involved in the intricacies of real estate...

nancy arnett

determined. skillful. confident. By positioning herself as a community builder...

nick ulrich

genuine. dedicated. compassionate. Nick Ulrich’s passion is helping others. A...

nickki pucher

leadership. ambitious. energized.

nicole luna

genuine. committed. reliable. Eight years of real estate experience and...

nicole rufener

authentic. committed. genuine.

olga de lange

experienced. patient. motivated. Olga de Lange has a passion for...

olivia kunevicius

dynamic. real. committed.

paige coutts

determined. reliable. proactive. A skilled Front Range broker, Paige Coutts...

paige hoholik

passionate. driven. caring.

paula friedman

inventive. curious. lively.

peter blank

trusted. experienced. collaborative.

phelps blair

organized. hardworking. amiable.

rachael miesen

approachable. focused. motivated.

rachel gallegos

strategic. savvy. persistent.

rachel swing

compassionate. sincere. focused. Having grown up in South Florida with...

randi goldberg // the realtress

energetic. thoughtful. dedicated.

rebecca cooper

genuine. charming. driven.

sam smersh

friendly. knowledgeable. original.  Sam Smersh’s expertise is rooted in education...

samantha barlaan

efficient. honest. reliable.  Part of what makes Samantha Barlaan such...

samantha miller

genuine. savvy. fun. Samantha Miller believes in the power of...

sara garza

diligent. insightful. understanding. Sara Garza understands that the process of...

sara wilhelm

driven. caring. resilient. Colorado native Sara Wilhelm has not only...

sarah hall

astute. honest. dedicated. A former attorney armed with quick wit,...

sarah labram antonellis

leader. reliable. organized.

scott noble

passionate. tenacious. versatile.

shannon andrews palo

collaborative. creative. resourceful. Shannon Andrews Palo defines herself as a...

shelby crisman

ambitious. passionate. tenacious. Shelby Crisman balances her customer-focused persistence with...

shelia hatcher

organized. thoughtful. outgoing. With her interior design expertise spanning decades...

sofia lock

dynamic. caring. dedicated. After ten years in an IT career...

spencer clapperton

tenacious. energetic. fun-loving. Boulder-area specialist Spencer Clapperton joins milehimodern with...

stacey richter

compassionate. expert. professional. Stacey Richter’s distinct real estate vision is...

stephanie goldammer

approachable. energetic. experienced. Stephanie Goldammer has spent every moment of...

stephanie kroll

magnetic. diligent. dynamic.

stephanie vail

resourceful. positive. supportive. Stephanie Vail’s knack for compassion and community...

susan miesen

approachable. focused. motivated.

susie best

discerning. attentive. experienced.

tama heinrichs

welcoming. intelligent. trustworthy. As a small business owner in the...

tara wendt

genuine. engaging. driven.

tawni ledford

intuitive. lavish. innovative.

tawny orr

genuine. tenacious. funny. Tawny’s roots run deep in real estate....

terri gray

committed. trustworthy. innovative.

thorn luth

thoughtful. authentic. diligent.

tim goodacre

easygoing. thoughtful. experienced.  The Goodacre name is synonymous with luxury...

tina tomlan

genuine. collaborative. innovative. Combined with her synergetic outlook and approachable...

xenia matteson

driven. independent. tenacious. Equipped with a bright mind and a...