get the word on the impact of color in your space

Pantone recently announced the organization’s much-anticipated Color of the Year — a vibrant, expressive hue known as Viva Magenta 18-1750. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, notes that the color is “rooted in the primordial” and “galvanizes our spirit, helping us to build our inner strength.” In essence, Viva Magenta reflects the power that every shade on the color wheel encompasses: the capability to influence and define an environment.

The effects of color in the built environment have been the subject of endless studies on both psychological and physiological responses in the human body. Because of this, understanding certain colors’ effects on the mind is essential to curating a home environment that is appealing to both the senses and the overall color story of the residence.

Whether you are a neutral-loving minimalist or a maximalist with rainbow-colored glasses, experimenting with color in the home can offer psychological benefits, add value and create an environment that’s worth coming home to.

// energize with warm colors // 

Warm colors — think reds, oranges and yellows — are known to be highly energizing and uplifting colors. The types of energy, however, are nuanced. Red is known to enhance metabolism while orange promotes communication, making the two colors excellent choices for a dining area or home entertainment space.

Yellow, on the other hand, is often misconstrued as an ideal hue for brightening a space as it is associated with joy and sunshine. While it is true that yellow is energizing, the color can be fatiguing to the eyes and cause uncomfortable stimulation when exposed to it for too long. For these reasons, it may be ideal to add yellow as an accent color in the home rather than a dominating color.

Either way, in the sun-filled state of Colorado, warm colors can come off as excessive in homes with abundant natural light. If this is the case in your home, experiment with the saturation of warm colors. For example, the shade Cajun Red by Sherwin Williams is a beautiful, muted alternative to Real Red.

// soothe with cool colors // 

A palette of cool colors acts as the name suggests by emitting a feeling of calm, serenity and “cool.” Shades of green are particularly soothing as they remind us of nature; just think of how the presence of houseplants can contribute to a feeling of rejuvenation. Blues create a sense of relief and relaxation, making the color a popular choice in bedrooms or in spaces that could use a little less intensity, such as an open-concept kitchen.

Bathrooms are also an ideal space for cool hues, where rejuvenation and serenity are often needed and enjoyed. Again, keep in mind how the vibrance of any chosen color affects you and other residents personally; while the color teal has been associated with inspiration in home office spaces, only smoky blues and greens are ideal in libraries where concentration is key.

Although considered a cool color, the application of purple hues in the home is often considered regal and glamorous, which is a far cry from the soothing nature of greens and blues. The placement of purple in a home can be balanced with grounding neutrals and textures to prevent overwhelming the space with the high energy of the color’s red attributes.

// balance with neutrals // 

It’s no wonder why so many homeowners opt for a color palette of neutrals in their treasured spaces. Not only does a base of neutral colors afford flexibility for fun pops of color, it also increases a home’s perceived value to potential buyers. Lighter colors are often attributed to cleanliness and typically complement their darker color counterparts, which can create a central focus and provide balance.

Another benefit of neutrals is that most natural design elements, such as wood, quartz and stone, add both neutral color and texture to a space’s overall composition. Neutrals also create cohesion between otherwise disjointed colors, much like the crisp, white walls of a modern art gallery.

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