milehimodern is in the news with in Business Denver’s article “For sale in Centennial: A two-story dome house”

Brenda Cutler and Tom Douglis were not looking for a new home, happy in their dreamy downtown loft.

That is, until Cutler was flipping through a real estate magazine and saw a photo of a dome residence in Centennial. She called her husband and said, “I found our future home.”

They bought the property — which features an indoor pool, and is at 6681 S. Abilene Way — in 2009 for $470,000.

“It has brought us joy every single day,” Cutler said. “It’s exactly what we thought it would be; even after 10 years, it’s still thrilling to walk through the door and see the incredible spaciousness and see the pool shimmering. It’s just been a joy.”

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