Q + A

the voice of Anna Moore of MHK Architecture

Newly expanded into the Front Range region after thirteen years in resort communities, MHK Architecture is fully immersed in the collective energy that defines Colorado. From city homes that maximize the livability of every square foot to legacy mountain properties to be enjoyed for generations, MHK Architecture creates expansive homes that speak to the heritage of the state. Yet, every home created by the firm is as distinct as the people that reside within. How does an architectural firm create designs that deliver on such high levels, both visually and functionally, within such a diverse landscape? As Anna Moore, Studio Director of MHK Architecture Denver + Aspen states, it’s all about the people.

What inspired MHK’s expansion onto the Front Range after years servicing Colorado’s mountain getaways?

MHK Architecture’s expansion onto the Front Range was a really exciting and bold move for us. After thirteen years servicing resort communities nationwide, we’ve grown to a point that an urban location was inevitable. The work we have in the Denver area made us look at Denver as our next location and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the move.

What excites you most about expanding into the Front Range?

The amazing up-and-coming design talent and access to a more diverse range of project types is what excites us the most. While working in the mountains has its obvious perks, we want to be able to provide full-service architectural work for our community and connect to a broader base of clientele. We love the mountains and are keeping the Aspen office, but the Front Range really expands our opportunities to serve Colorado. 

How does artistry integrate into what you do on a daily basis?

Architecture is artistry; we work to create elegant solutions to everyday problems. Additionally, many of our clients have coveted artwork that they want to highlight. The design for many of these feature pieces is a challenge that provides us the opportunity to work with view planes, natural light and discuss the procession to and from the artwork in order to fully capture the pieces. 

“How does this house solve for all the stages of life? Can we design something that will last generations?  This task is such an honor and so exciting to be a part of.”

What project are you most proud of and why?

Truthfully, it’s the people that make the projects special. We are proud of all our projects as every design is bespoke to a client, each with their own unique aspects to be treasured.

With that being said, we currently are working on a legacy home near Silverthorne and it encompasses everything we love about architecture. We are designing an incredible mountain getaway for a family to pass down for generations. As residential designers, we get intimately involved in people’s day-to-day lives and how they live, work, and play within their homes now, and their aspirational selves in the future. A legacy home is no different — but we get to talk to them about getting old, their children growing up and future spouses, children, etc. How does this house solve for all the stages of life? Can we design something that will last generations?  This task is such an honor and so exciting to be a part of. 

How would you describe your signature architectural design style?

Our signature is designing homes that fit the people and reflects our client’s vision while working with the vernacular in which they reside. We have people on staff who are incredible designers for the modern home; we also have people here that revel in the more traditional or historic style homes. The number one driving factor for MHK is building a home that our clients love. We have the honor to design the most important place in the world, your home. 

When designing a home, what is the most important factor to consider and why?

The people are the most important factor in any project. While the architectural style is a huge factor, how you are going to physically live in your home is arguably more important. People are our work and their current and aspirational needs are the pinnacle to a successful project.  We want to make the design and build of your home a positive experience.  That moment when a client walks into their home and can exhale because it is so uniquely theirs — that is the goal.

How do you work with clients to ensure that your designs fit their lifestyle?

When you become a client of MHK Architecture, you are given an in-depth new client questionnaire that allows us to peek into your project goals. From there, we schedule a project kick-off meeting, usually in-person, where we discuss design concepts and expectations. As we proceed through the design phases we meet as often as needed to confirm the design exceeds expectations. 

To what or to whom do you attribute your success?

We believe we are still working towards that goal. Personally, I became an architect following in my father’s footsteps. He has been and continues to be a constant inspiration and positive mentor in my life. We happen to be here in sunny Colorado because of Matthew Kragh, the president of MHK Architecture. My husband, Nathan Moore, and I were offered the opportunity to open the MHK Architecture – Aspen office by Matthew Kragh at a relatively young age. It was that opportunity and the trust of our clients that has allowed us to grow into two offices and seven employees, each year providing better design services to more clients than the last.

Where do you find inspiration in your daily life? Do you have any recommended books, podcasts or publications?

Simple tasks around the house lend inspiration. One of my favorite past times is cooking a good meal and listening to music. In the mornings, a good book and some coffee in our backyard helps to unwind the mind. Right now, one of my favorite books is Calypso by David Sedaris; hilarious and sweet short stories to spend the morning with.

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