Q + A

the voice of brad liber

When a childhood obsession lingers well into adulthood, that may be a sign of a successful and devoted venture to come—assuming, of course, that one has the entrepreneurial merit to execute their vision. Fascinated by the structure and design of homes, Brad Liber had already banked hundreds of hand-drawn floorplans by the time he was nine years old. In 2006, that passion forged a path to Caliber, one of Denver’s leading construction companies, and the builders of milehimodern’s newest luxury listing, 1266 South Williams.

What’s your story? 

I am an Ohio boy that came to Colorado almost 25 years ago. Although I’m a proud Midwesterner, I feel that Colorado is my true home. My wife, Katie, and I have been married for over ten years and have the world’s best elementary-aged kiddos.

I started Caliber in June of 2006. Prior to that, I was in the industry for about six years. Although I had a desire to expand my knowledge and get deeper into the mechanisms of development, I knew I was not going to get what I needed by just being an employee. I took a role at a smaller development company where I learned what not to do, and after a year, I said, “I can do this.” I started Caliber the next day.

To what do you attribute your success?

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. There was never a moment in my childhood that wasn’t a lesson about business and life. Really, the line between work and the life outside of it is blurred when you are in business for yourself. I owe it to my parents for instilling in me the confidence and resilience needed to persevere. There isn‘t a day that goes by that I don’t reflect on one of their guiding quotes to follow my gut. Outside of the family, I was very fortunate to come across a mentor later in my career here in Denver.

In what ways do you manage a work/life balance?

Work/life balance is difficult to achieve in this new age of virus and technology. For us, it comes down to teamwork around the home and the kids. Ultimately, my wife Katie is the queen at seeing this balance to reality. If it wasn’t for her, a work/life balance wouldn’t be possible.

In your opinion, what makes a house a home?

A house becomes a home when the owner accepts the dwelling with open arms. Like any good relationship, there is chemistry that brings things together. The chemistry between a homeowner and their house is pertinent to harmonious living. This is evident by whether the resident feels happiness, pride, relaxation and safety within their home. 

What makes a home “award-winning?”

An award-winning home, to me, has three distinct attributes: Cohesiveness with its community and surroundings, execution by a refined and focused team with a unified vision, and a willingness to assign uniqueness when others feel uncomfortable.

That’s how it all came together for 1266 South Williams. It’s all about the team. By surrounding ourselves with good people and trusting that you have the same vision, you can create something that touches everyone’s interest. A great project never comes from just one person; a community aesthetic is achieved by a team.

Give back to the community by touring 1266 South Williams Street—the chosen property for Denver Life Magazine’s Designer Showhouse. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity, empowering the vital workers of Metro Denver stability and strength through home ownership.

How do you approach a remodel? What factors do you take into consideration before remodeling?

I approach every remodel with honesty! First, we take a deep dive into the lifestyle of the client to hear what they are really after in terms of both design and how they will use the home. We want the existing home to have a critical amount of intrinsic value to determine if the remodel will ever be fully appreciated—no matter the level of execution.

What special considerations do you have to keep in mind specifically for Colorado homes?

If you’re like most Coloradoans, you have four favorite outdoor activities and four favorite seasons. We need to design a high level of flex function into our homes to accommodate those activities, such as daily equipment storage vs. long-term off-season storage. We also continue to focus on the evolution of products that protect our homes from those famous Colorado climate shifts; so we really hone in on window composition and operation, insulation qualities and versatile exterior cladding products.

How do you avoid being too “trendy?” How can you ensure a timeless design?

Trendy is relevant, and that is important. Timelessness seems to be something that is always evolving, so we start with an emphasis on classic elements and add those trendy attributes to achieve that perfect experience.

How do you go about executing a homeowner’s vision?

Our company culture is strongly focused around creating a family environment, so discovering our clients’ visions comes naturally to all of us at Caliber. We truly care, take the time to listen, and immerse in the vision. We continue that process until the very day someone moves in! We are client-focused, self-motivated team players who are passionate about our work. 

Finish this sentence: Even when I’m working within a budget, I never skimp on…

Anything that would compromise the quality of the home or what our Caliber brand represents.