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the voice of gw hardin

Transforming a home’s interior can be a fairly simple task if one has a keen eye for artistry or access to a design professional. Last year in particular, homeowners took an interest in editing their homes to accommodate at-home work and schooling. However, with more time spent indoors, homeowners are becoming more attuned to an invisible factor affecting their environment: the energy makeup that defines the way their surroundings feel.

The energy of a home is a shared human experience — for example, how a home feels during and after times of great happiness or loss. While redesigning a home can be an easily attainable endeavor, transforming a home’s energy is a lot more complex, and there are far fewer professionals with the ability to make it happen. That’s where specialists like GW Hardin come in.

What makes a house a home? Better yet, what can people do on a daily basis to ensure their house feels like a home?

I use feng shui as a language — a metaphor — to show people the energy in and around their house. In feng shui, balance is everything. If my client wants to understand the balance of their family as part of the balance of their house or the property, I don’t hesitate in revealing to them what maintains balance and what causes matters to go out of balance. Oftentimes, I spend more time talking to my clients about their families than I do about their house or home. A house may not sell if unbalanced forces dominate.

Why is it important for people to understand the energy of their home?

More and more folks contact me to “clean” the energy in their homes whether they are selling or buying or not. Our world is in a process of transforming toxicity in several ways. We owe it to ourselves to invest in ourselves, with regards to assuring a better environment; whether personally, in the workplace or across our planet. The new generations do not tolerate toxicity in any form. We owe it to them and ourselves to clean up our environment in these three areas. There are many who are here to assist, including myself.

What’s your story? How did you get your start?

Because of my status as a New York Times bestselling author, my lectures and workshops along the Front Range, I was asked by a visiting dignitary from India to clear the space he was living in while visiting Fort Collins. He said he needed a guide to remove the ghost that was keeping him awake at night. After resolving the situation for him, my reputation in cleansing various home energies spread rapidly.

Have you noticed a shift in the way people interact with their house on a spiritual level? If so, how?

A lot of my business comes from owners’ children feeling things their parents cannot feel. Because of that, I pay close attention to the needs of the entire family when I work with a property. Parents need a bridge of understanding between the world in which they grew up and this highly technical, highly digitally social world their kids now have to face. I excel at bringing technology and spirituality together in understandable terms.

To what do you attribute your success?

My honesty, integrity and reputation with the best real estate agents along the Front Range are major factors in my success. I get them the results they need, which usually result in sales. My reputation brought real estate investors into my camp, where I now conduct a significant amount of business.

What do you love about what you do? What are the distinct challenges?

When it comes to the niche of what I do, everybody wins. Sellers benefit, buyers benefit and the agents benefit. I keep my fees affordable so that those who need what I provide can have access to me. The greatest challenge is making professionals comfortable regarding the importance that intangible energy plays in the home.

In what ways do you manage a work/life balance?

I never advertise. All my work is by word of mouth. I will not take a case unless I’m sure I can help my client. I limit the number of cases I take because of that. I no longer travel except locally, so on occasion I will do work remotely.

If you could recommend any pivotal books, podcasts, leaders, etc., what would you recommend?

My favorite authors are Barbara Kingsolver and Ken Follet. My favorite books that have changed my life are Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, M.D., The Law of One by Ra and The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.

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