Q + A

the voice of Heather Goerzen of Havenly

Every homeowner and apartment dweller has been there: the moment just after signing a lease or closing on a home when the frenzy of décor and remodeling ideas take over. For some, it is a moment of creative inspiration and expression; for others, it’s a bit overwhelming. Interpreting a space’s amount of light and architectural features to create an aesthetic that matches both the lifestyle and personality of its dweller can be frustrating for those who understand what they want but are unsure of how to get there.

So what does it take to bring a space from a point of inspiration to an area of comfort and charisma? We spoke with Heather Goerzen of Havenly to chat about inspiration and how she gets her clients from Point A to Point B-eautiful. 

How did you find your calling in interior design? What drew you to it?

While my background was in advertising and brand strategy, my lifelong passions were for home, hospitality and storytelling. I love how spaces can serve as conduit for expression, inspiration and connection — whether that’s a stunning hotel bar that serves as an imaginative escape, or that cozy neighborhood restaurant that welcomes you in, or especially, your home where you can retreat and find a safe, comfortable space.

You may not even realize it, but it’s all the little details in a space that evoke a feeling, an ambiance, and make you cherish it. I was fascinated by those details. And I wanted to be the one to create them – and ultimately, a feeling and an experience. So, after years of pinning moodboards and designing tablescapes after hours, I decided to take the big leap and transition wholeheartedly into the interior design world. I’m so thankful I did! 

How does artistry integrate into what you do on a daily basis?

I believe there’s artistry all around us. From nature (I mean, talk about color palette inspo!), to fashion, to food, to film — and so much more. As with any creative endeavor, it comes back to personal expression. What speaks to you? What captivates your attention? What do you want to feel?

Design is really about uncovering that for our clients and adding a little styling know-how along the way. But real beauty always comes from an inspired mix of influences — pulling from different eras, mixing old and new, contrasting colors, patterns and silhouettes. It’s what creates that unexpected moment that feels so full of story and character and begs someone to linger a little longer.

What project are you most proud of and why?

I had the incredible opportunity of working behind-the-scenes with Havenly co-founder and CEO, Lee Mayer, on her inaugural design book, Design the Home You Love. Shameless plug: if you want to learn practical styling tips and actionable design advice, check it out! It’s full of real-life client homes, fresh ideas and livable inspiration.

To bring this design book to life, I helped plan, style and execute our client photoshoots, select imagery to highlight Lee’s advice, and provide creative direction on the room recipes and illustrations of fundamental design principles. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime project and I’m so incredibly proud to have been a part of the team!

How would you describe your signature interior design style?

Provencal Whimsy: blending vintage elements and lived-in comfort with more imaginative details and a healthy dose of pattern and color. Imagine if Anthropologie was to design a rose-covered cottage in the French countryside. The result would feel inspired, meaningful, and most of all, cozy.

“As with every Havenly designer, I get to know my clients on a personal level. What is their vision? How do they want to — and need to — use their space? What do they want to feel as they live in their home?”

When designing a space, what is the most important factor to consider and why? 

Start with palette! It’s the very first part of our Havenly design process. Because the color scheme sets the overall ambiance for any given space. Craving cozy and romantic? Lean into soft dusty blues with blush and brass accents. Going for a modern organic mood? Think high contrast blacks and whites with sage green touches and lots of wooden elements. Want something vibrant and energetic? Consider a playful twist on a primary palette with bold rubies, burnt golds and rich teals.

How do you work with clients to ensure that your designs fit their lifestyle?

While I have a distinct style, I never have an agenda. As with every Havenly designer, I get to know my clients on a personal level. What is their vision? How do they want to — and need to — use their space? What do they want to feel as they live in their home? For example, a client’s home with kids, pups and a love of drinking red-wine-on-the-sofa might look different than the city dweller with a studio loft. We work together to identify their unique home priorities and design goals. It starts with inspiration images, learning what they’re drawn to and why, alongside more detailed questions around their functional home needs, to ensure that perfect marriage of both form and function. 

To what or to whom do you attribute your success?

I am beyond grateful for all of the people who have loved, supported, encouraged, challenged, and invested in me. From my family and dear friends, to colleagues and teachers, to faith and hope, I feel extremely fortunate to have a number of influences who have shaped who I am and what I love doing.

Where do you find inspiration in your daily life? Do you have any recommended books, podcasts or publications?

I love following along with prominent design pubs and designers for inspiration. Some go-to’s are Domino, MyDomaine, HouseBeautiful and ArchDigest, as well as Chris Loves Julia, Mark D. Sikes, Amber Interiors, Brigette Romanek, Colin King and Athena Calderone. While the social sphere provides boundless inspiration, you really can’t beat traditional page flipping. My go-to weekend rest ritual is coffee, music, and a design book or mag. While there are always new (and old) ones to discover, I currently find myself turning back to Live Beautiful, Made for Living, More Beautiful and This Is Home.

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