Q + A

the voice(s) of carmelo paglialunga, carla thompson + peter blank

As we prepare for a new era, we’re celebrating a successful first year of milehimodern (mhm) independently operating as Denver’s leading estate agency with a reputation of selling the coolest homes in town.

We believe in connection first; every home has a soul-filled story to tell. Our purpose is to bring this story to light by discovering the artistic sizzle, the iconic value, the extraordinary architecture, or simply the narrative of a beautiful life lived in each property. We tell your home’s story, now here’s ours.

In honor of our first anniversary, we’re sharing accomplishments and insider revelations from mhm’s co-owners, Carmelo Paglialunga, Carla Thompson + Peter Blank. Here’s how we live on the edge of the industry where artistry defines living.

You’re coming up on the first anniversary of mhm. State your most significant achievement or success so far.

Carmelo: The most significant achievement is we’ve grown to 50+ agents in the first year. We’ve intentionally connected with the right agents that mesh with our brand, culture and environment.

Carla: We are thrilled at the success of our first year! We know we are succeeding because our agents are thriving! Ultimately, we know that if our agents are doing outstanding work, our clients are happy.

Peter: We have taken the magic of the brand and made an impact in the Denver real estate market. Representation matters – mhm’s exceptional brokers, marketing and savvy are here to stay.

What’s been one big thing you did right since starting this endeavor?

Carla: Our intention was to create a company where the consummate professionals in our industry can deliver their mastery! We have built an organization where our realtors support each other and constantly strive for the highest performance. In addition, we have brought aboard an amazing operations team as well, who are committed to excellence.

Define mhm’s ethos? How do these principles come to life?

Peter: mhm’s ethos is about professional brokers, understanding how to elevate the art form of real estate, and truly bringing our properties to life. It also revolves around understanding how to assure the mhm client experience reaches a higher level. We believe that real estate should not just be transactional.

What is both a professional and personal goal you have for the new decade?

Carmelo: Professionally, I want to continue to build this company, so we are the leaders in the industry for many years to come. Personally, I’d like to take one international trip a year with my kids and help them see what the world is like.  

Where do you spend the quiet moments in between meetings, appointments and showings? 

Carmelo: Corepower.

What are you currently reading/listening/watching:

Carla: I am currently reading Awareness by Anthony de Mello. I am currently listening to The School of Greatness podcast.

If you didn’t need to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

Peter: I would be in an art studio, and my alter ego would come to fruition. Oh, and crafting the perfect cocktail.

Finish this quote: In real estate, …

Carla: … we are leading the industry performance standards. We believe deeply that our clients deserve the highest representation. We are living our brand’s aspiration of delivering artistry in all that we do.  

mhm’s cutting-edge marketing is making waves. What design rule do you love to break?

Peter: Rules? Not in Peter’s world. Rules are for the status quo.

As a trio, describe your dynamic and what distinctive characteristic each of you brings to the table. 

Carmelo: I think that Peter’s skillset is the visual, creative, brand consistency. Carla is definitely the brains behind the operations and processes. I feel like I bring in connections and formulate strategic growth for the company.

Carla: We complement each other so well! More importantly, we each bring a different strength to the table, which has enabled us to create a magical synergy. Carmelo infuses the organization with an energized focus. Peter stretches the boundaries of the artistic. And I drive the tenets of high-powered growth to ensure our agents have all the tools, systems and support to be industry leaders. 

Peter: Carla is definitely the brains of the operations, and the visionary on how mhm scales and grows. Carmelo is the magnetic personality that brings in connections, whether it’s the brokers we bring on or the clients or a combination of both. For myself, I would say continue the brand that people want to align with. People who see the beauty of the world through all facets of life. People want to align with the best – mhm.

What are you most excited about for the future of mhm?

Carmelo: I’m excited about impacting the industry by creating a company that focuses on experienced agents and helping them become CEOs of their businesses.  

Carla: We care deeply about our clients. We are excited about the impact we are currently making and how we will make a mark in the future of real estate for our clients who care so deeply about us representing their homes at the highest level.

Peter: mhm stands for something that transcends real estate. It is a brand that brings beauty and art to the way we live. The mhm brand can easily adapt globally and it will be fun to watch what happens.